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Once known as Medina, Keswick is the largest urban community within the Town of Georgina; however it began as a little village providing simple services for farmers. The Village of Medina spread from Church St. down the Queensway towards the Maskinonge River. 
The name was changed to Keswick in 1897 when the post office moved from Roches Point. Even though the name changed, many of the locals called the area “Dug Hill,” since the hill on the Queensway had to be dug out to allow locals and travellers through. The original founders of the area were farmers of Scottish and Irish origin and many of them served on community boards and became prominent business people in the Village. During the 1970s, the
community of Keswick began booming with economic growth and development. 

Keswick remains unique to this day with a number of shopping areas and attractions along the Lake Simcoe shoreline and nearby agricultural areas.
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